About Benjamin Lee Eckstein

Benjamin Lee Eckstein started writing for the New York Daily News in 1979.

In 1982, he was syndicated by the Tribune Company.
In 1986, he created America's Line with Roxy Roxborough.
In 1988, America's Line was syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.

Today, America's Line is in 120 papers across the United States and Canada, with a readership of close to 10,000,000 every day.

Over the last twenty years, Eckstein has:

  • Helped the "Colbert Report" win an Emmy
  • Spent a year as the resident handicapper for Don Imus on "Imus in the Morning."
  • Advised the late Abbie Hoffman on sports betting.
  • Killed a wild snapping turtle with a shotgun after three attempts.
  • Lost a ton of hair.
  • Hosted a cable TV handicapping show.
  • Broke bread with Elliot Gould.
  • Appeared on Comcast Cable weekly for the "Philadelphia Daily News Live."
  • Hosted a two hour sports talk show on WQBK in Albany, New York.
  • Touched Mickey Mantle.