• Saturday, June 8, 2024


Las Vegas - Jumping on the Zamboni tonight in Florida for a look at the Stanley Cup Final. First we have the results from the two regular season games. The first matchup was in Florida and Panthers posted a 5-3 win over the Oilers. The Over/Under total was listed at 7 and went high. The second game was in Edmonton and the Panthers picked up another W with a 5-1 victory. The Over/Under total was listed at 7 again and went low. Speaking of O/U totals, Florida has gone Under in eight of the last nine playoff games, while the Oilers have gone low in seven of the last nine playoff games with one push.

Just like we did for the first game of the NBA Finals, gonna take a pass on picking the winner and locate an Uber to take me to Prop City. And we're gonna look at Over/Under total saves for Edmonton's goalie Stuart Skinner. The total is listed at 27.5 saves and we're going HIGH! The Panthers buzz around in the offensive zone all night every night and have whipped an average of 34 shots on goal during the playoffs. They also sent an average of 34 shots on goal during the regular season. So, since we don't think Skinner will let in seven goals, Over 27.5 saves seems like money in the Bank of Benj.

And as always, you gotta have some action on the MVP or as the NHL calls it, the Conn Smythe Trophy. It would be easy to pick the best player in the world, Connor McDavid, but you're not gonna get much of a return on your money with odds of 5/2. So, we looked over the list and saw Edmonton's Zach Hyman at a ridiculous 80/1. Hyman scored 54 goals this season and has the MOST goals of anyone in the playoffs at 14. I'll skip my morning Starbucks and throw down a $20 bill on Zach with a possible return of $1600 bones. Enjoy the ice baby!