dante 3

  • Monday, June 17, 2024

Las Vegas - Before we get to the NBA hardwood, gonna take a little tiny taste fo the draw in the France/Austria clash in Euro 2024.

Guess I got a little TOO excited about Dante Exum a day early, but still feel the same way. If you were not on board yesterday, here's the recap. After getting selected by the Utah Jazz with the fifth overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Exum has bounced around like a Pensie Pinkie (if you are under 50, Google it). Dante played for three different NBA teams, missed 2015-16 with a knee injury and played two years in Europe (Spain & Serbia) before coming to the Mavericks this season. He managed to get on the court for 55 games, averaged almost 20 minutes, and 7.8 points per game. And when he came off the bench in game four, it sure looked like Dallas' energy level went up two or three clicks. So, Prop City is my spot tonight. Gonna go all in on Exum. Taking Over 2.5 points, taking Over 0.5 made threes at +$180, and Over 0.5 a rebound. Now that the broom has been shattered, is it Boston's turn to lift its 18 trophy or will the Mavericks bring it back to Dallas for game six? Have no answer for that, but you know we will be betting some in-game stuff and I'll keep you posted via X/Twitter. My handle on X is @vivaoddsvegas.