nba finals

  • Thursday, June 1, 2023

Las Vegas - Which side are you on? A team that just came off a scintillating game seven win against the Celtics? Or, a team that has had NINE days rest to heal some nicks & bruises? Whew. Lemme throw some regular season stats at you first. In the first meeting out in Denver, the Nuggets (-4.5) grabbed a 124-119 win, covering by the hook, and went Over the posted total of 224.5. In the second game down in Miami, the Nuggets (+1) picked up a 112-108 victory, and the total went Over 217.5. Circle back to Denver, and that MILE HIGH advantage. If you don't think it's a factor, lemme tell you that the Nuggs are working on a ginormous 10-0 run at home. Yea, TEN & OH! It has become an important part of the fabric in Denver and they own it. The public address announcer gets on the mic and says, "All visitors to the Mile High City be warned. High levels of exertion at this altitude may cause hypoxia with symptoms of fatigue, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, headaches and confusion." Now THAT is a perfect way to get inside the other team's head. They even have 5,280, the feet in a mile, next to each free throw line. WELL done! We told you in an earlier column that Denver had the second best home record in the NBA this season at 34-7, with the Grizzlies just a tick better at 35-6. There's only one problem. That big fat NINE point spread. Don't know if I wanna lay a nine spot in the opener, and a little nervous about taking the visiting dog. So, we'll go to the prop board, and take the Nuggets to win the 4th quarter at -2 points. A couple of reasons. We looked at the box score of the first game in Denver, and the Nuggs came into the 4th trailing Miami 90-85. They outscored the Heat 39-29 in the 4th, because, maybe, Miami started to feel the FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY FEET above sea level. If Denver is killing it after three quarters, we might stay away, but if the game is close, or, the Nuggets are trailing, open the wallet wide baby!